Alas Cellphones Allowed in the Classroom

I have been anticipating this week for quite some time now. The rules of most high schools are “NO CELLPHONES ALLOWED” yet… walk into any classroom in HS and you will see them on the desks, you will see students peeking at them in their bookbag pockets, or they’ll be trying to text, tweet or use Facebook right under their desk. We spend countless amounts of time disciplining students because they have their cellphones out yet if we would just make use of them for educational purposes students would be more likely to not break the rules. I could be wrong but it just seems that students need more to catch their interests. If instead of copying a bell ringer every single day what if they could text message a response through a group message that displays on the whiteboard and reveals the answer. It’s almost like using cellphones at clickers. I found this incredible website that offers forty, yeah forty different ways to incorporate technology into the classrooms using cellphones. I think that my favorite way was number 12. Students often do not finish copying the notes as the bell rings. Have them take out their cellphone and snap a picture of the board. No that does not substitute handwriting the notes, because repetition is key however, not having the notes is not okay either. I just really found this resource incredible. Check it out here.

Teachers need to hold student interest. The more we recognize this as educators the better off students are going to be. We have got to start changing the mundane daily tasks. Our job is not to put on a show and I fully recognize that. However, our role is to influence students and create life-long learners. If that is not something that is happening than things must begin to change. If that means utilizing the free resources around us than that is what we are going to do. Students might even begin tweeting about your class and things they learn instead of relationships and the weekend parties. Cultures within schools could change as a result of learning to love learning.

I checked out several 3-D websites and I wasn’t entirely sold on those. I think those could be exceptionally cool at the lower levels of education but at the high school level I am not sure that they will really be amazed by the difference. But then again I did indeed find them fascinating. Students do need to experience new things of course so adding these features to a few lessons could really help students. I especially enjoyed the website that involved creating stories. Take a look at the varying things that can be done.

This week ultimately for me was the huge takeaway that cellphones can be used in a way that is okay. We took a look at etiquette using cellphones and that to me was a HUGE selling point. I think that cellphones are frowned upon because students do not know when to put them away and they are attached to them. Teaching students how to use proper etiquette is an essential integration of this technology in the classroom.

It was a great week.


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  • hi kayla – i found it really interesting to read about your experience with cell phones and your feelings on this. i mentioned in my blog that in my practicum i was shocked to even have to deal with cell phones in school. times really have changed! i agree, we must embrace this and unitize our resources for the future generations because i don’t think cell phones are going anywhere anytime soon. 🙂