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Mini Projects Part 2

Well hello! It’s the end of another week. I am putting this post up a lot later than intended. It was definitely one of those weeks in which I taught every single day and got no work done until the weekend. The projects this week were a bit more tough but I enjoyed the challenge. I began with the timeline. Timetoast was an incredibly easy tool to use. I had worked with Xtimeline before and just wanted to try something different. A lot more can be done with Xtimeline but the simplicity of timetoast is what makes it such a valuable resource. Students will easily be able to make timelines that are clear and feasible as a teacher to understand and grade. Take a look at the timeline I created surrounding the life and events of Abraham Lincoln and his significance in the Civil War. This of course aligns with a U.S. History SOL. The images for Lincoln that are available to share were astounding and there were so many. I loved that. A few other projects that I have tried to tackle have not been so forth giving with their photos. Does anybody know anywhere that offers incredible photos that are free to use that is not a google search?

The second project is not quite finished, so far from being finished I am not ready to share it. I will post it tomorrow for you all to see but here is what is being done. I am making a Google Trek through the events of the Civil War. Working off the same SOL used in my timeline but taking it a bit further for my students to take the journey to all of these “locations” where battles were fought, important documents signed etc. I think it was one thing to say the place but it is another to show them and take them there. The Civil War is not an all over battle and I think it will be very interesting for the students to see just how close many of the battles were fought. Watch this video on how I quickly picked up on how to use Google Trek.

Thanks for hanging tight with me this week! Excited to update tomorrow.

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