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Week 7: Sticky Notes

Sometimes I get to the end of the week… and I cannot even figure out how to only answer the blog prompt. We did so many neat things this week that I can’t just talk about my sticky note board. I mean come on really… I did a quick write, I learned how to record my computer and voice over it AKA screencasting, created a jeopardy board game and then I made a sticky note board. HELLO!!!

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 7.31.59 PM

¬†Using a program titled “wallwisher” I created a wall of sticky notes. Essentially you just register and then hit “create a wall” it’s really that simple. The wall can be as decorated as you like with themes and images or as simple and plain. I went for a theme of a notebook. The only way to allow people to comment is if your board is set to public. Easily done it’s in settings. Really this was probably the most simple website we have gotten to work with all semester. It was also a fun rush to share the sticky note site with all my friends. I immediately went to social media. I posted it on twitter, linkedin, and facebook. I used facebook to share it in my groups and on individual friends walls. I admit getting people to participate is much easier done when you can personally sell the page but I do not feel as though I have failed. People need time to work these things out. I admit I was somewhat addicted to checking every hour to see if anyone had posted. I LOVED IT. I cannot even begin to express how much I value this new tool.

I can think of SOOOOO many examples on how to use wallwisher in the classroom. It is the ultimate collaboration tool. Ask students their warm-up this way. This will gain their attention right away and allow you to keep doing tasks that are essential to move forward with the class (attendance, assignment collections etc.) Ask students to respond to a post for a homework question. Students can sign up for projects this way. It allows them to see what is already being done and pick something else of interest to them. Students can brain storm and use it to ask classroom questions. Students can study together from home together on tools such as wallwisher. This is an excellent collaboration tool within a school. Teachers can bounce ideas and opinions off one another without having to leave their classrooms. Teachers can better team teach across curriculum with such a tool as this. Man. I cannot wait to get to use this. I am absolutely going to try to use this in my practicum this semester!! AHHH! I can’t wait to share how it goes!! Have a great week y’all! Here is my link to my sticky note board.

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