Feb 17, 2013 - Weekly Blog Reflection    2 Comments

Week 5: Creating a Video

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TweetDeck which I confess I have called TweetDock all week! But man do I love it. The reason I love it so very much is that I have a personal Twitter account, an educational account and I am also involved in an organization and it is my job to run the Twitter account. Obviously the TweetDeck was invented for me! TweetDeck is incredibly easy to use and really efficient. I am very pleased and thankful that my professor suggested using this tool.

Screen shot 2013-02-17 at 8.58.48 PM

 I am not completely sold on LinkedIn yet. I understand what it is and think that it is a brilliant idea but I am having a hard time keeping up with it. I call it “grownup Facebook” because it really functions in similar ways to Facebook. I have not kept up with my LinkedIn as well as I have my educational Twitter but I do see great value in LinkedIn. I have watched my profile be changed by friends because they know my skills and have given me recommendation. I love that. I do not do well with bragging about myself and to be able to let others give recommendations or endorsements is a huge asset to my profile because people think of things that are true of me. Things that are true but that I don’t think to put in my profile. I have participated in a few groups offering comments here and there, and I have really enjoyed doing that. I do have knowledge to offer and it feels great to get to help someone else out.

Google Reader is incredible but overwhelming. I am still struggling to figure out how to make my folders public. If anybody reads this and can offer some help I would greatly appreciate it. I find Google Reader overwhelming because it constantly updates and adds new articles and I never get to the old ones. I also think a lot of the stuff I am reading about doesn’t necessarily help me right now and it more or less distracts me from my school reading. But the archives allow me to keep the articles and find them whenever I do wish to read them. It is a GREAT resource. My favorite thing about indt501 is that everything is relevant. Nothing that is given or suggested isn’t useful to me. I really appreciate that.

 I have not completely finished creating my video but I have hit a few bumps in the road. I do not like the copyright rules. It limits the amount of photos available substantially. When considering the topic for my video I had to switch multiple times just for lack of resources available in searches. But I do love the idea of this video being the hook in lessons. Students love video days. I don’t entirely know why but to change things up and get students excited about learning is exactly what I think these videos can do. There is value also in the fact that as a teacher I create such a video. It makes me dive into the content more and stretches me creatively. That is something that often lacks within the educational world. As teachers we get comfortable instead of always trying to engage students. These types of introductions to lessons could really change students reactions to what they will be learning simply because it is different and technologically savvy. I am very excited to use Animoto in the future.

Looking forward to another week of learning. I think this week coming up is going to whoop my tail but I am ready to go!


  • I totally agree with you that Google reader is very overwhelming. I also can’t figure out how to make my folders public. If anyone helped you with that, can you please let me know?!?! I really like linkedin, it is hard to get use to. It has some very good things on that website and very good connections!

  • I want to thank you for posting a screenshot of Tweet Deck, I wasn’t really sure about what is was exactly / if it was necessary, but I totally agree with you that if you have multiple twitter accounts (which I do) it is very helpful in staying organized.

    I agree with you that the copyright rules are kind of a bummer, but it’s important to practice what we preach! And also practice it so we can empathize and understand the problems that our students might run into while they make videos (or any other project that requires copyrighted images). Nice post! You’ve got me considering getting Tweet Deck myself!