Week 4:Information Literacy and Creativity

I have to first begin this blog by showing what I made. I ABSOLUTELY love editing photos. I am not by any means talented at such a hobby but it is something that makes me feel artistic. I cannot draw at all but with a few clicks of my mouse I feel as though I have created something new. Check this out.

The original photo looked like this:


But what you see in the above photo is deceiving the photo with some light looks like is this…oceanside with people

But with a few tricks I created something really awesome using iPiccy. This in my opinion is hanging on the wall worthy!! oceanside edit

Okay okay okay I’ll stop bragging about my editing and start talking about how this week was super valuable for me concerning education. It was a flipping hard week. I mean extremely hard BUT… I am coming to the end of it and I am glad for it. The Personal Learning Network. I admit that I went into the hallway of my house and stomped my feet and screamed like a child. It took a long time to sign up for all the websites and fully establish myself with each one. But it is going to make using them easier because they’re already created. Although… I hate social media and a lot of it involves being social on the internet hahaha so I have to get over myself.

The big assignment of the week was creating a game using the website Scratch. The website did a great job at providing several introduction videos. Here is a tutorial that you can watch about Scratch.

I found this assignment to be difficult and initially I was convinced I would never use it ever again! I had a ton of problems. I thought at first that I could just wing it. A few clicks here and there then VOILA I would have a product. Boy, I was wrong. The first attempt was a disaster.  I was nearly finished and then when I was “testing” what I had created I realized that my scripts had disappeared. Whatever I had programmed has made them disappear. After a few more clicks I somehow duplicated all of my codes and it was a mess. So I saved it… if you would ever like to view a HUGE mistake just leave me a comment !! Like I mentioned I thought I could wing it but quickly realized this needed more thought. I was originally going to do something with “How a Bill Becomes a Law” but the information for that particular topic is endless and seemed WAY too difficult. So I then thought well a life cycle could be fun. My mom once had a genius realization when my littlest brother was studying food chains, “Birds eat food” I guess she didn’t realize. Therefore, inspiration to create a food chain began. That required no research because well I have been to a science class or two. But then I had all these problems so I took a break and then did some reading. I read EVERYTHING that Dr. Coffman made available to us. Some of it was a little repetitive so I get to skim but on the whole man did it help me realize that this program was going to require some serious studying. I began fresh but still realized that a lot of the definitions of the codes were unclear so I read a few Scratch Cards that really gave some good hints. But the ultimate help in this entire process was watching other examples and viewing the scripts/codes used. I didn’t necessarily know what they meant but I knew those worked. That is where the creativity began. I began to pick and choose some that I saw work and then finally I was making progress. The tutorials gave me peace that it was simple but I was fooled! But it must be done. Major take-a-ways would have to be that I have got to stop being prideful. I assumed I could handle this game without reading. I am after all a digital citizen. But in reality to be efficient and to be excellent I need to research all that I can. If I always think I can wing… It is likely that I chose the wrong path. Education demands always learning. Striving for more. If I just assume I can wing it then I will fall flat on my face and it’s at students expense not just my own. Second take-a-way is that there are people out there that LOVE this stuff. They love coding and creating. Sadly, I am not but that does not mean that I should not try or even dabble in new things. So I didn’t love it. BIG deal… I LEARNED! I think I need to dare to try more often and get away from the simple.

The best way I can think to use this in education… (since I did not like it) is to let my students do this. Use this kind of design as an assessment instead of a multiple choice test. Let students create a game or an interactive thingy that lets them show how much they know. Give them this resource and let them go wild. This allows variety and students get to choose. They also are not limited, really the sky is the limit with such a project. With some guidelines students can experience freedom in education. They are restricted so much and it’s time to take into account that they need freedom. This idea about freedom is something I am learning EDCI 506 from the very famous John Dewey.


Dewey, J. (1938). Experience & education. (pp. 1-91). New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.


  • I agree with you about having your students use the program. I probably wouldn’t use it again, unless I totally understand it. I didn’t enjoy this assignment at all. I believe that a lot of people had problems with this weeks assignment. I think I am going to look at your professional website and see if I can understand it better.

  • Hi Kayla! I love that you started your blog post this week with before and afters of the photos you edited. You did such a great job and I was really impressed!
    I agree with your overall review of Scratch. I too faced similar difficulties and began the activity with the same expectations. It was interesting to see how you incorporated this into a different subject area. My big take-away is that overall maybe a more technologically literate generation will be more successful than myself….

    great post!


  • Hi Kayla,

    I too had a bad experience with all the code I had input suddenlhy going away. I did not get it back, nor did I figure out why, but fortunately it did not happen again. Although none of us are programmers, having this experience will better enable us to serve the needs of the students in this technical area.

  • Angela I posted a link for my scratch on my professional website. take a little looksy. We made it through this week! We will prevail!

  • Kayla, where is the video of your food chain?! I want to see it 🙂
    Seriously though, I’m right there with you. This is something I seriously didn’t enjoy all that much. I just was thrilled to be done and have some fish that moved in some way. We feel the same way about it — fun for kids to do, but maybe not so much for us. Designing a Jeopardy style game in powerpoint is about as gamey as I get, really. Do you have a go-to program you like to use that’s a little more user-friendly?